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About EasyFizzy          
Located in west Ra’anana, EasyFizzy specializing in managing sports injuries, rehabilitation programs and private physical therapy treatments at the highest level.  
EasyFizzy offers:

* Full body orthopedic assessment * Personal fitness training
* Sports rehabilitation * Reduction of chronic pain
* Strengthening of muscles, tendons & ligaments
* Increase in joints’ range of motion * Flexibility sessions and body tuning
* Correction of posture and core-stability
Rehabilitation and training sessions are based on a “One to One” model, enabling a personal knowledge of one’s needs, abilities and wishes – aiming to guarantee maximum and effective results.

Chanan Ben-Ami, 38, has been working in the fields of physical rehabilitation and sports injuries since 2002

During his five-year degree studies in England, Chanan had gained and acquired various qualifications in a wide varieties and aspects of Physical Rehabilitation, with the emphasis on Sports injuries' management and prevention.
EasyFizzy aims to provide  an experience of a unique and exciting private physical therapy and physical training at the highest standards, to provide anatomical knowledge and most importantly, to enhance performance and improve abilities.
 Academic Degrees
B.Sc. Physical Rehabilitation & Injury Prevention – Middlesex UniversityLondon
B.Sc. Sports Healthcare - Middlesex UniversityLondon
HND Sports Injuries – Wingate Institute, Israel
Certified Gym Instructor – Y.M.C.A, London

Orthopedic Assessment
Kinesiology & Biomechanics
Exercise Physiology
Enhancing performance
Responds to Trauma
Therapeutic Massage
Nutritional analysis
Sports Psychology
Physical Therapeutic Intervention

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11 HaEshel St. Ra'anana

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