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"Our body is so complex - with more moving parts than
any man-made machine
(Prof. Robert Winston)

Sometimes we feel that our body needs a little extra care, and that’s where EasyFizzy can help you.

We specialise in Physical Rehabilitation, Sports Injuries, providing private Physical Therapy & Personal Fitness Training.

Our goal is to promote healing of damaged tissues, reducing the associated pain and stiffness and increase mobility, muscular strength and flexibility.

We work with you to design a program that suits your individual needs. It could include tailored exercise, manual manipulation, mobilization, electrotherapy and even massage therapy.

The sessions are performed in a warm and welcoming atmosphere, and based on a “One to One” model, enabling a personal knowledge of one’s needs, abilities and wishes – aiming to guarantee maximum and effective results.

If you feel that your body needs some help to conquer pain or just feel better, it may be time to pay us a visit.

Please call for FREE consultation or for information regarding any injury...

077 - 7177 131
054 - 5577 138

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