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Sports Injuries & Rehabilitation

Dealing and managing sports injuries is a fascinating and exciting challenge.

On the one hand, sporting and physical activities are more than just a hobby for many of us; it is sometimes a way of life. On the other hand, each individual reacts differently for physical stimuli, and the secret is to find the best route of rehabilitation depending on the pathology of the injury and character of the individual.
Those who are active put their body under constant stress and strain – only for the sake of joy, but without proper management and “tip-top” function, they may be exposed for various injuries. Ankle sprains, knees pain or muscles and tendons inflammation are common injuries that we all most likely experienced at one point during our workout.
The goal of rehabilitation is to assess why our activity resulted in an injury – and not only the treatment of this injury!!
For example, many cyclists complain over sever pain in the lateral aspect of their knee. In some cases the injury is actually derived from over-involvement of the hip joint – and the knee pain is just the effect, rather than the cause!! 
Should we have treated only the knee pain – one would have missed the facts that those cyclists are probably do not adjust their seat well enough, lacking hip joint muscular flexibility and using poor pedaling techniques…
During the rehabilitation program we will discuss and learn the biomechanics of a movement, elements of nutrition, the use of different modalities and many more issues.

We design professional programs for:
Ball team players
Dancers and the performing arts
Specialized programs for cyclists
Unique exercises for young children and adolescents
You do not have to be professional sports people or marathon runners to enjoy top quality rehab. Rehabilitation programs suits everybody and improvement will be noticeable and efficient. 

Personal Training
EasyFizzy offers personal and private fitness training for any cause. 
Whether you want to lose weight and “burn” fat, tone up your body for a great look with a nice muscle mass, or if you just want to keep fit and maintain healthy and balanced living – we have the knowledge and the expertise to work with you to achieve your goals.
Work-out session can be performed according to specific muscle groups, in a challenging, yet achievable levels of difficulties. The sessions contains resistance and weights training, cardiovascular work-out, core stability, balance exercises and many more routines. We use TheraBands, FitBalls, trampoline, weights and other fitness equipment. Our emphasis is given towards effective, injury-free and joyful training for maximal comfort, great feeling and visible results.
During the fitness sessions we will provide you with tips and knowledge over nutrition, coping with stress factors, managing healthy living and ways to enhance one’s life.
So if you want to make a real change, to feel well and look great – contact us today and start to feel the difference!!

Therapeutic massage:
Holistic classic Swedish massage
Deep tissue massage
Sorts massage
Classic Swedish massage is the most popular and common massage. It suits everybody and has very few contraindications.
Apart from the relaxing feel that this type of massage offers, due to stimulation of receptors on the superficial skin level and thus initiating the body’s natural ‘high’, Swedish massage also has therapeutic effects: it assists in aliment of muscle fibers, increase blood and lymph circulation, loosen tight tissues, provide pain relief and restoring tissues vitality.
The massage is performed on a comfortable bed with application of some almonds oil that smoothes the skin and when the body is covered with clean towels.
The length of a treatment is one magical hour
Unlike classic Swedish massage, Deep tissue massage uses more aggressive techniques in order to cross underlying connective tissues and reach the core of the muscles.
The massage is characterize by slow movements, friction and manipulation of the muscle to   
Stimulate the body’s natural healing process. As a result of this mechanism the body is encourage to secret waste products from within the cell, and receive oxygen and nutrients from the blood stream.
In some cases, mild pain would be felt up to 36 hours post treatment – due to increased tissue metabolism. It is recommended to drink a lot of water during that phase to “flash” and rinse secreted by-products away from the body.
This massage is performed on a treatment table with very little oil, when the patient is covered with fresh and clean towels.
Deep tissue massage could be a “one off” and singke treatment – but we recommend a series of treatments to ensure an efficient tissue healing.
Sports massage is aimed and designed for those who involved in any sort of physical activity. The benefits of this type of massage are numerous and include tissue aliment, speeding up recovery phase, increasing blood circulation, decrease in muscle fatigue, minimize sports injuries risk and provide excellent feeling for the athlete.
The sharp, fast motions performed during massage keeps the muscles on “high alert” and ensure sufficient supply of nutrients and oxygen to the cells.
This type of massage is highly recommended prior or post event

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